Thank You

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There is nothing nicer than a Thank You to show your appreciation.  Why not also include a photograph from your wedding, maybe a little handwritten note to make it more personal.


Dear ___

We were so happy you were there
to share our day with us!
Family and friends are what made
our wedding day so special.
Thank you so much for your generous gift.
We're looking forward to starting
our new life together
and your gift will certainly help us do so.

It was wonderful to see you.

Bride & Groom

We want to thank you for the generous gift
we received from you
to help celebrate our special day.


It is very much appreciated.


Bride & Groom

Our sincere thanks
for all your good wishes
and very lovely gift.

Bride & Groom

Words cannot express
the joy that we feel
remembering that you shared
the beginning of
our new life together.


Thank you for your very thoughtful gift.


Bride & Groom

Thank you for joining us
as we began our new life together.


Your generosity and thoughtfulness
were very much appreciated.


Bride & Groom

One thank you for the gift,
and another for the thought.


A dozen thank yous couldn't tell you
all the happiness they brought.


Bride & Groom

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